European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award 2024: We are one of the winners

2012 Thuringian Monument Protection Prize, 2019 German Prize for Monument Protection, 2024 European Cultural Heritage Prize Europa Nostra

Today, Thursday, May 30, 2024, the European heritage association Europa Nostra announced this year’s winners. One winner in the “Conservation and adaptive reuse” category is “Haus Schulenburg Gera. The European award has been presented since 1978, and in 2023 it will be presented for the restoration of the Royal Gardens in Venice and the restoration of the late Gothic carved altar by Veit Stoß in St. Mary’s Church in Krakow.

This is the second European award this year for Haus Schulenburg and the Kielstein family. It was only at the end of March that the King of Belgium recognized Volker Kielstein’s services to the reconstruction of Haus Schulenburg with a medal, which was ceremoniously presented by the Belgian ambassador.

“Europe knows Haus Schulenburg,” says Volker Kielstein, who is not only the owner of Haus Schulenburg, but also the director of the Henry van de Velde Museum. In the meantime, Volker Kielstein no longer manages Haus Schulenburg alone. His son Jan is at his side and grandson Milan also spent a few weeks at the house in March. Where is the path leading? “It is the wish of the entire family that Haus Schulenburg continues to develop as it began in 1996. My late wife Rita would be very happy about this development,” Volker Kielstein is certain. And so the whole family will probably be traveling to the Romanian capital Bucharest for the award ceremony at the beginning of October. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank our employee Karsten Friedrich, who has held the reins at Haus Schulenburg as administrator from the very beginning,” continues Volker Kielstein. “That’s why it’s important to us that he accompanies us to Bucharest”.

The two European awards are celebrated with a summer party in August. Tickets will be available for purchase soon.

And Haus Schulenburg needs all the support it can get. You can now vote for the audience award with just one click. Your vote for us. Thank you. vote-europanostra.org

Would you like to find out more about the reconstruction, are you interested in how it all began? Then click through our gallery or drop by! We are looking forward to it!

Dr. Volker Kielstein is appointed Officer of the Order of the Belgian Crown by the King of Belgium

The award was presented at a reception in Haus Schulenburg by the Belgian Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Geert Muyelle.

From the Ambassador’s laudatory speech:

Dear Mr. Kielstein,
A real encounter, a decisive encounter, is something that resembles fate.
Today, Villa Schulenburg and its treasures are an important cultural reference point in Thuringia and throughout the world.

You are the face of this success, which is inextricably linked to your wife Rita, who has been very active and tireless in leading this wonderful adventure with you.

Villa Schulenburg also stands for the scientific quality of its research and educational activities relating to the work of Henry van de Velde.

You have been able to create a network of trust and friendship on a local and international level by carefully researching for years to locate and compile the original heritage of the villa, which was scattered all over the world.

Throughout your life, you have pursued various careers that have served to revitalize the Villa Schulenburg as a work of art: Doctor, architect, entrepreneur, designer, manager, artist communicator, educator like an echo of the multidisciplinary nature of Henry van de Velde’s life and work.

It is a great honor for me to award you the Order of the Officer of the Order of the Crown in the name of His Majesty the King of the Belgians.

H. E. Geert Muyelle

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Germany

Further information can be found in the ARD Mediathek

Dr. Volker Kielstein (left) and H. E. Geert Muylle.

Certificate and medal