The purpose of the association is to make the artistic work of the Belgian Henry van de Velde accessible to a wider circle of people in Europe, to keep the memory of the artist Henry van de Velde alive and to contribute to the fact that contemporary architecture and arts and crafts continue to pursue his ideas of a Gesamtkunstwerk.

These include:

  • Restoration of Henry van de Velde’s architectural works as a total work of art (landscape, buildings, interiors, inventory as well as art and everyday objects)
  • Recognition of clients who, as art experts, patrons, publishers or industrialists, significantly promoted and influenced the development of modern art and architecture
  • Opening van de Velde’s buildings to the public through exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, workshops, publications, etc.
  • Development of van de Velde’s designs and extensive literary work for arts and crafts and industry
  • Promotion of interest in modern architecture, construction technology, design and all forms of design in the tradition of van de Velde